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About Audi 80

A trim form factor and European styling come together to give you European styling that you can drive anywhere. In the Audi 80, you get the good looks and luxury of a German legend in a compact executive design that works as well in the city as it does on the open road. This Audi went through several generations between the 1960s and 1990s, resulting in a range of classic designs for the car connoisseur. Available in two and four-door body styles, station wagons, and even coupes and cabriolets, this Audi line offers something for anyone. If you love the straight lines and square edges of the vintage Audi look, get a classic sedan from the 1980s with an Audi B3. Those who love to feel the breeze when they drive can enjoy the convertible form factor of the Audi Cabriolet, an improvisation off the upgraded Audi 90 version of the 80. Anyone in search of an Audi 80 has a wide array of options to consider via the sellers on eBay, along with parts and body components for restorations and repairs.