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About Audi 100

An executive car straddles the line between sedan and luxury sporting vehicle, fostering excellence both in performance and in comfort. The Audi 100 performs this feat with a minimum of fuss, boasting a 1.8-liter inline-four engine with slant orientation, a two or four door build depending on whether its base is coupe or sedan, and a sumptuous leather interior. The Audi 100 C4 boasts a more powerful V6 engine housing 172 horses worth of power. The Audi 100 LS is a sportier, sleeker coupe-type that caters to a need for speed. The Audi 100 lives in the house that German engineering built, its initial run so popular that an entire additional factory had to be built in order to keep up with skyrocketing demand. Its water-cooled engine also makes it very reliable, allowing it to function in peak condition on long trips out on the road. You can find this car and its accessories and peripherals on eBay, where qualified sellers offer affordable and reliable shipping options and boast a wide array of automotive stock inventory.