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About ATV Tires 8

Speeding through the trails on the ATV is a blast until you hit a sharp rock and tear a hole in the tire. Now you are stranded and need new 8-inch ATV tires to fit your quad. The best way to size a new tire is to look for the numbers on the current tires. The first number is the height, followed by the width and wheel diameter. If you have 22x11 8-inch ATV tires, then that is the size you need as a replacement tire. You then have a choice of radial or bias tires. Radial tires have better puncture resistance but do not ride as smooth as bias tires. Radial tires are the best choice when you have rough, rocky terrain. In addition to this, 22x11x8 ATV tires have different ply ratings for different terrain, such as all around, performance, sand, rocks, mud, and snow. Pay attention to the terrain type when choosing 8-inch ATV tires from the reliable sellers on eBay.