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About Attack on Titan

You yawn loudly and toss your book to the floor, stalking back to the bookshelf determined to find something worth reading before you reach for the TV remote. If you are searching for a story worth reading, "Attack on Titan" is likely the answer to your prayers. The popular Japanese series was created by Japanese writer and artist Hajime Isayama and published in 2009. It tells the story of Eren Yeager and his sister Mikasa, idealistic youngsters who join the military to fight the Titans, a mysterious race of huge creatures that bring chaos and destruction to earth. The series of books proved extremely popular not only in Japan, but across the west, selling millions of copies in Europe and the United States before it was adapted into a popular cartoon series. Lovers of the books and cartoons are sure to love an "Attack on Titan" jacket, styled after the popular military style coat worn by the noble protagonists. Fans of cosplay enjoy a complete costume with several different outfits proving popular with fans of the show. Whether you are looking for "Attack on Titan" clothing, merchandise, costumes, figurines, books, or anything else, you are sure to find a massive selection on eBay.