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About Atocha Coins

Ahoy mateys, shiver me timbers. These words may have been spoken by the sailors aboard the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, laden with over 200,000 hand-stamped silver Atocha coins minted in Mexico and South America, when it sank in a raging storm off the coast of Florida in 1622. The silver coins were referred to as pieces of eight, and were measured in reales. An eight reales silver Atocha coin was roughly one month's pay for a sailor in the 1600s. Many gold Atocha coins were lost to the sea that fateful day, carried in the pockets and belongings of the wealthy passengers. Only 128 gold coins, known as doubloons, have been recovered. Today, many treasure hunters wear an Atocha coin pendant, reproductions from the original gold and silver coins. The reproductions are made by the Mel Fisher family in Florida, owners of the Treasure Salvors, Inc., which found the wreck site. An Atocha shipwreck coin makes a great gift for a collector, or as a conversation piece. You can find a vast inventory of Atocha coins on eBay.