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About Atlas Tracks

Over 60 years of development, creation, and production make Atlas a top choice in model railroads, with their Atlas keeping trains headed in the right direction. The family-owned company develops new products consistently, keeping in mind the needs of model train enthusiasts everywhere. As you shop for track and other items, keep in mind that Atlas Model Railroad Company, Inc., produces HO and N scale track and accessories, while sister company Atlas O, LLC, focuses on O-27 and O scale merchandise. You need to purchase Atlas track that is the proper scale for the set you want to assemble. Atlas O track and other varieties bear a reputation for durability and excellence. Look for an Atlas track lot in the scale that you need on eBay, where trusted sellers offer gently used or brand-new choices. Make sure that the lot of track pieces includes straight, long, curved, and branching pieces in the amounts that you require for your model train set. Armed with a selection of high-quality track pieces, you should be able to complete a train set that is the envy of your fellow model train fans.