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About Atlas Switches

Toot, toot, says the train as it chugs around the hand-crafted landscape, blowing its horn as it crosses tiny roads and over bridges, all built to scale. As the train approaches the town, the operator operates the Atlas switch to change tracks, bringing the train to a halt in front of the station. Atlas Model Railroad Company is well known for its model railroads and the creation of the first model railroad switch kit in the 1930s. Evolving in 1947 from a machine shop to a manufacturer of model railroads, the firm continues to build HO-scale, O-scale, and N-scale trains, railroad tracks, and Atlas switch control boxes for the train enthusiast. Model railroaders depend on reliable sellers on eBay for parts and supplies, from Atlas O-scale switches to N-scale cars and locomotives. The detailed descriptions make it easy for a model railroader to select the correct Atlas switches, track, and accessories for his two-rail or three-rail track layout and diorama.