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About Atlas O

The Atlas O scale train gear is just the thing for a train enthusiast with plenty of room to plot a spectacular large-scale train layout. O scale, twice the size of HO scale trains, are big enough to see fine details or to create realistic train layouts with country, mountain, or old-time Western town scenes. Atlas O track gets your train from point A to point B and back around again. Track switches allow you to make your train layouts as complex as you want them to be, with turnoffs, depots, and shortcuts. An Atlas O engine leads the way as your train makes its trek around the track. A diesel engine is perfect for your modern train setup, while a steam engine is the perfect way to travel back in time (or at least pretend to). An entire Atlas O scale set has everything you need to get started. No matter which Atlas O scale gear you need to plot the perfect train layout, reliable sellers on eBay can get you on track with their large inventory.