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About Athletic Tape

As you go through your morning run, you notice that your knee feels a little unstable, making your run less efficient. Athletic tape can help to solve this problem by providing you with some reinforcement to add some stability. Instead of a traditional tape, consider a cotton one because this is easier to tear and it provides breathable protection. You can find cotton options mostly in black, tan, and white. When picking out your tape, you need to determine whether you need elastic or non-elastic, and the width. The width depends on the part of the body you are taping, with small areas like a wrist or a finger requiring a narrower tape. The widest tape is best for taping your hamstring since this is a larger area. With an elastic tape, it is easier to tape large areas and this type allows for greater flexibility with movement. Make sure to choose a high-quality elastic or else the tape starts to wrinkle and the level of protection decreases. Non-elastic tape work to stabilize injuries of the joints and bones. If you regularly participate in sports or physical activity, you may consider getting a case of this tape so that you do not run out quickly. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to find the best athletic tape for you.

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