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About Athearn

You have had a passion for model trains since your father bought you your first train set as a child, and you never lost your love for the hobby. Athearn model railroads have been popular with adults and kids alike for more than 60 years. Athearn still makes a huge range of top-quality model trains that are available in a variety of scales. All Athearn locomotives are intricately detailed, high-quality models that are sure to appeal to any passionate hobbyist. With Athearn trains, you can be sure you will always find accurate reconstructions of some of the most popular trains that have ever been in production. This includes the likes of the Santa Fe F3A Freight Diesel Locomotive, the Union Pacific Genesis, and the Wisconsin & Southern RTR. Whether you are looking for individual Athearn trains and locomotives or even a huge Athearn lot, you can be sure you will find everything you need for your hobby of choice on eBay. With a huge number of reliable sellers and plenty of shipping options, you can browse a great range from the comfort of home, and have everything you purchase delivered right to your door.