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About ATC 250R

Do you remember your ATC 250r? It was the ATV you were finally allowed to take out on the dirt paths around your home growing up. You have fond memories of jumping hills and plowing over small trees in you path. Your mother never knew much about what you did with that vehicle, but to you, it was a sense of freedom. Now, you want to restore your ATC 250r to get it back up and running, either so you can feel the same level of freedom or because you want to pass it along to a child. These vehicles, built to be high-performance ATVs by Honda from 1981 through 1984, were powerful enough for most off-roading adventures. The elevated body and big wheels made this vehicle a fun toy to play with in every instance. It is common to need to make replacements when upgrading this model, including replacing the 250R seat or, if you were really rough with it, the entire 250R frame. It is possible to find these and other parts from the reliable sellers on eBay. Why not get a sense of freedom back into your life with a few new parts?

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