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About ATA Hard Drives

After uploading what feels like your ten thousandth high-resolution photo to your computer, you start to realize that you will soon completely run out of memory. While there are solid state hard drives on the market that are unparalleled in speed, they are not efficient for long-term storage due to their high costs; instead, go with a serial ATA hard drive and start buying space by the terabyte. No storage type is cheaper than an ATA hard drive, and when it comes to storing a huge amount of data, whether you have movies, music, or photos, cost is the most important factor to consider. A serial ATA hard drive, also called a SATA hard drive, can be either internal inside your computer or external, allowing you to plug into it to access your files. You can find a hard drive of any size, perhaps a 250 GB ATA hard drive, from reliable sellers on eBay. If space is your top priority, this style of hard drive is the way to go.