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About AT&T Microcell

You finally bought your dream home only to discover that half of it is dead to AT&T. Get an AT&T Microcell before you walk off the roof while searching for that elusive signal bar. A Microcell is a mini cellular tower that is small enough to sit on your desk yet powerful enough to boost the cellular signal of your preferred network. The AT&T 3G Cisco Microcell boosts signal strength with the help of powerful antennae specially optimized to amplify weak AT&T network signals. Besides improving the quality of voice calls, the stronger coverage also boosts broadband Internet data speeds. Each AT&T 3G Microcell tower supports up to four phones connected to it simultaneously. In addition, you can start a call from the Microcell tower and have it seamlessly transfer to the nearest AT&T cell tower as you leave home. Say goodbye to dead zones when you pick up an AT&T Microcell from the large inventory on eBay.