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About At&t Cordless Phones

Though your smartphone probably gets more playtime than any other phone, AT&T cordless phones are worthy contenders in the communications game. Many systems come with multiple handsets, so you can keep phones in different locations throughout the house. You can also expand your phone system to include more telephones by purchasing an individual AT&T cordless handset to add to it. The rechargeable AT&T cordless phone battery offers hours of talk time, so you are not chained to the wall while you talk. It sits on the base and charges when not in use. With built-in features like caller ID and voicemail, you can manage your phone calls easily. AT&T uses DECT 6.0 technology to improve the clarity of your voice as well as the security of your conversations. Whether you use it with a traditional landline or a VoIP network, AT&T cordless phones give you crisp and clear calls every time. Find a large selection of new and used cordless phones by shopping on eBay. Save your cellphone battery, and use your cordless home phone instead.