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About Asus Transformers

The ASUS Transformer does not flip and turn into a car like those other "Transformers," but it does offer a great deal of flexibility by blurring the line between a tablet and a notebook. The Transformer brand is a line of tablets that convert into temporary notebooks with the use of special ASUS Transformer docks. This allows you to enjoy the intuitive interaction offered by touchscreen technology while still enjoying the dependable feel of a keyboard whenever you need it. It is an ingenious concept, and one that comes with a lot of benefits. Most of the modern ASUS Transformer tablets have nearly twice the average battery life of a laptop. This means you can work on your office documents, watch a couple of movies, listen to music, surf the Web, and still have some battery juice to check your emails or watch your favorite TV shows. With access to the huge selection of new and used ASUS Transformer accessories and tablets available on eBay, you can get exactly what you need shipped to your door.