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About Asus PadFones

Tablets and smartphones may share most of the same functions but many users still carry both devices because the larger screen of a tablet offers more viewing surface while a smartphone is ideal for one-hand use. The Asus PadFone satisfies both of these needs by offering a 4.3-inch smartphone and a companion tablet dock with a 10.1-inch screen. The pocketable smartphone slides into a groove at the back of the tablet. Once docked, you can enjoy the same content previously found on the phone on the larger tablet screen. Watching a movie or writing with the Asus PadFone stylus on the small screen of your smartphone can make for a cramped experience. By simply sliding the phone into the tablet dock, you get a wider screen to do these tasks. Another major advantage of this hybrid mobile device is that you will only need one data plan for both devices. Besides saving on data cost, the Asus PadFone also provides longer battery life because the tablet can charge the phone while docked. A number of reliable sellers on eBay offer this practical 2-in-1 device as well as it's accessories like the protective Asus PadFone case.