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About Astro Van

Imagine darting through the universe on intergalactic adventures, planet-hopping and stargazing all while enjoying the creature comforts of earth. The same wistful wonderment must have overtaken Chevy Astro Van engineers. With other-worldly paint colors such as light and medium quasar blue metallic available on the two generation of vans (ending with the 2005 model year), the Astro Van embodies aspects of outer space. It was unveiled as Chevrolet's answer to the Dodge Caravan and Toyota minivan, which were extremely popular in the 1980s. Although discontinued, this vehicle lives on. Many dedicated and reliable sellers offer Astro Van parts on eBay. Whether you want to breath life back into Mom's taxi, look for a reliable conversion van, or seek to do some heavy-duty hauling, look for the Astro Cargo Van and its parts as well. There are others out there in the galaxy who cherish this Chevy Astro van as much as you do. The large inventory and convenient shipping options make for an efficient shopping experience.