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About Astro A40

When you are in the middle of an intense game, the last thing you should be worrying about is your headset. That is what the ASTRO A40 range of headsets does — performs so you can get on with gaming. This means they are lightweight and fit comfortably over your ears, regardless of how long you play. The sound is very clear and allows you to hear even the most subtle sounds in your game. The stereo sound has a broad field, making these headphones effective when you are listening to music or watching movies as well. Also, it has a good microphone that does not pick up much external noise. You might not notice that much when you are in your own house, but if you play in competition settings, it is really beneficial. Most ASTRO A40 headsets have swappable cable systems so you can use them with mobile devices. This includes an in-line microphone, mute switch, and volume control wheel. Select from a vast inventory on eBay of A40 headsets for all gaming systems and parts, like ASTRO A40 cables and ASTRO A40 tags.