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About Asian Art

From delicate wood sculptures to iconic Japanese prints, Asian art brings together some of the most varied and visually dynamic cultures in the world. This multi-faceted genre offers artwork that fits with almost anyone's aesthetic. Contemporary Chinese art is a particularly popular subsection of Asian art and one of the dominant genres in the art world today, with canvases selling for record-breaking prices on auction around the world. Traditionalists still love to turn to the classics, too, including woodblock prints from much-loved Japanese artists such as Hiroshige or Chinese ink wash paintings. Fans of Asian art can find Asian art prints in abundance that replicate these historical works. A jaunt down to South Asia and Southeast Asia brings Asian wood wall art into the mix. With their attention to detail and ornate visual motifs, these pieces make for one-of-a-kind additions to a home or business. Whether you want a famous print from the Edo era in Japan or a more contemporary piece, you have a wide array of options to consider in the vast inventory of Asian art available on eBay.