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About Ashton Drake Dolls

First loves usually last forever. When you were little you loved dolls, and you still love them, only today, you have graduated from toy store varieties to beautifully crafted Ashton Drake dolls. Internationally renowned for their innovative, stunningly lifelike creations, Ashton Drake dolls are wildly popular among impassioned collectors everywhere. Whether you are already an avid Ashton Drake fan, or are just beginning your collection, you can depend on reliable sellers on eBay to provide the right dolls to enhance your collection. Super-cuddly and adorably realistic, Ashton Drake baby dolls are must-have additions to your curio cabinet. Open your receiving blanket for the "Silly Me" baby doll with her own pink gingham bouncy seat, for the touch-activated "Butterfly Kisses" that coos when you stroke her cheek, or for "Sweet Dreams, Baby Jacob," who arrives with his own wee teddy bear. Peruse the huge selection of Ashton Drake porcelain dolls, such as "Meg," from the "Little Women" series, a limited edition Annette Funicello doll from her "Mouseketeer" days, or a lot of six "Little House on the Prairie" dolls. Like first loves, Ashton Drake dolls are timeless.