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About Asanti

When you pull up, you do not just want people to think you have a nice car — you want to take their breath away. Luxury wheels are the finishing touch every vehicle needs to reach its maximum potential of elegance, and Asanti is the company that always delivers the astonishing designs you are looking for. Asanti is a brand that prides itself on its versatility, but every unique design it offers reaches the level of excellence you have come to expect. If you are ready to take your car's appearance and performance to the next level, then the vast inventory of Asanti wheels on eBay provides you with the opportunity to do just that. You can find Asanti rims in a variety of custom colors, such as a sleek chrome finish or a mesmerizing black. There are also many choices when it comes to size, from standard 18 or 20-inch Asanti rims all the way up to 34-inch rims. Find the Asanti wheels that are right for you, and prepare to be amazed by their outstanding durability and dazzling design.