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About Art Deco Lamps

The Art Deco movement is most commonly associated with the stunning skyscrapers built in the early to mid-20th century. Lesser known, but equally beautiful, at scale, is array of Art Deco lamps. Designers from this school produce forms both classical and futuristic. Clean lines, stark angles paired with Grecian curves and human figures feature prominently in Art Deco designs. One type of lamp that typifies this aesthetic are the Art Deco figural lamps. These lamps feature figures from a variety of ancient cultures that spanned the globe. Images reminiscent of the Greeks and Romans are commonly used, with tasteful nude figures adorning many bronze and gold-colored pieces. A particularly strong statement is made by the many Art Deco ceiling lamps, which are also notable for their practical designs that light spaces elegantly. The most common form is that of a delicate, glass, bowl-like fixtures that are typical of the 1930s and 1940s. Bold expressions also feature crystal starburst designs that form a unique chandelier. A large variety of Art Deco lamps can be found on eBay for your pleasure.