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About Army Pins

For a soldier, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with promotion is usually reflected with a new set of pins. Army pins reflect everything from rank to qualifications. You can put pins on your shoulder, on your chest, even on your hat. One particularly painful part of promotion ceremonies in the past was the practice of "blood pinning," where recipients were given their new Army rank pins without backs. As part of the ceremony, the others present would hit the recipient on the chest, driving the pins into their flesh. Collectors can look on eBay for vintage pins, as many reliable sellers offer a wide range of qualification and rank pins from both the US and other armies. People with a family history can look for World War II pins that remind them of friends or family members who served. Those looking to jumpstart a collection may want to look at an Army pin lot, which can often add to the thrill of discovery when they find an army pin they did not know was in the lot. Just remember to keep the backs on your pins so you don't prick your finger.