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About Army of Two Mask

Machine guns rattle, missiles explode, and fire rages: This is the war-torn world of the "Army of Two" video game, in which the masked mercenaries Elliot Salem and Tyson Rios work together against impossible odds. Since EA released the game in 2008, the distinctive "Army of Two" mask has become a fan favorite. Both of the main protagonists wear this full-face protective gear, giving them a terrifying visage that strikes fear into the hearts of their enemies. The "Army of Two" Rios mask is particularly unnerving, with battle scarring on one side to give the appearance of a charred, grinning skull. Whether you are getting ready for a cool cosplay party, or kitting up to take the fight to the field in a paintball tournament, a real-life "Army of Two" mask is the essential piece of combat equipment for you and a friend. Sellers on eBay offer many custom masks based on this iconic design; so, whether you want an "Army of Two" Salem mask, or something unique, you are sure to find a mask that suits your needs.