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About Armand Marseille

Can you ever really have enough Armand Marseille dolls in your collection? These German-produced pieces date back to 1885 in some cases. During the German doll-making revolution of this timeframe, the Armand Marseille Doll Company was one of the most well-known. Whether you are after a very popular option, such as the Armand Marseille 390 doll, or something that's more specific to a timeframe, you can find what you want on eBay. The dolls, which are one of the most common antique dolls available, span a period of about 30 years. The popularity of these pieces stems from the unique characteristics of each doll, including their very realistic, fine details that make each one unique. If you are looking for a specific item, including the Armand Marseille Floradora bisque doll, shop the reliable sellers on eBay to find it. A wide range of dolls is available, making it possible for you to add to your collection with the doll that speaks to you.