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Inspired by the sturdy and robust landscape of the Southwest, Arizona jeans are versatile and made to last. With decades of durable denim designs to stand on, the Arizona label is synonymous with affordable family style. From Dad to Mom to Baby, there's room in the budget for everyone to don Arizona denim.

About Arizona Jeans

The painted deserts, pine-covered mountains, and cactus-covered hills of Arizona embody the rugged toughness of the American Southwest, and the Arizona Jeans Company infuses this adventurous spirit into its collection of comfortable, affordable denim. A JCPenney minilabel, Arizona Jeans are sturdy and durable, but buying a few pairs won't break the bank. Mom and Dad can find loose-leg and boot-cut styles to wear around town, while the kids can look too cool for school in the skinny and straight-cut styles. Boys' Arizona jeans come in "slim" and "husky" styles to suit the differing body types of youngsters at this stage of life. Girls' jeans come with cute embellished pockets, and some little ladies may prefer the wilder styles, such as polka dot jeggings. There are even Arizona jeans to fit the infant in the family. Doll your little girl up in pint-size skinny jeans in bright raspberry, purple floral, or a denim heart pattern. If you're looking for top designer denim, then look elsewhere, but if you want money-saving styles that keep the whole family looking good, check out the selection of new and used Arizona jeans on eBay.