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About Aria Pro II Guitar

It was good enough for Kurt Cobain, and you know that this guitar can do you proud as well, even though it might not be quite as famous as some other brands. Aria Pro II guitars are often the unsung heroes of many a great album or band, counting Nirvana, Metallica, and many more amongst those who chose this respected and unique Japanese guitar maker over other alternatives. The Aria Pro II line of guitars has a few features that make them stand out too, such as the 6-position tone selector switches found on many models, which allow you to fine-tune your sound using different parts of the hum bucker pickups. Many of the Pro II series borrow their looks from Gibson models such as the Les Paul and SG, but seeing how Gibson contracted much of their Epiphone range out to Aria in the 1970s, these copies retain an element of authenticity. The Aria Pro II bass guitar has proved just as popular as its six-string cousins too, and you can find most of the Aria Pro II guitar range easily thanks to the large inventory on eBay.

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