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About Arctic Cat Wildcat

When you jump on the back of an Arctic Cat Wildcat, you are in for a wild ride. These off-road vehicles are a cross between a go-kart and a traditional ATV. They seat two people, letting you bring a lucky friend along for the ride. These cats like to roam large territories. Power twin four-stroke engines, with over 60hp, give these machines plenty of speed and power, helping them race quickly across open fields. Their engines include cylinders with four valves and liquid cooling systems, which prevents overheating. These engines are energy efficient and come in lightweight materials, including aluminum and lightweight steel. A quiet motor and low profile design helps these back country cats sneak stealthily through forests unseen, while tight steering and double suspensions help you navigate winding trails with ease. You can steer these cats into the clear with vinyl steering wheels, which have hand grips on the side and power steering. When you eventually decide to turn home, integrated navigation devices help guide the way. Like many cats, the Arctic Cat Wildcat enjoys a healthy dose of pampering. Thanks to the large inventory on eBay, you can find all the Arctic Cat Wildcat accessories you need. Search for practical parts, like Arctic Cat Wildcat exhausts, along with covers, paint kits, decals, and anything else your ride needs.