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About Arctic Cat Jag

"The cat is out of the bag," you announce, throwing off the cover of your Arctic Cat Jag. Unlike its jungle-dwelling feline cousin, this cat prefers cold and snowy climates. The Arctic Cat Jag is an older snowmobile, with production dating back to the 1970s. Like other snowmobiles, you can find it with various trims and models. The Arctic Cat Jag 340 is one of the original models. It is a creature of the mid-1970s, and features a no-frills design, offering a sleek look and basic components. This snowmobile has a square front end with dual round headlights that emit plenty of light, giving you visibility in the dark. This machine has a tall, narrow windshield, protecting you as you tuck low in a streamline position. A long leather seat extends from the center console to the back of the machine, finishing with a slight seat back in the end that provides support and keeps you on top. Newer models, like the Arctic Cat Jag 3000, feature powerful engines and larger body sizes. They operate using a manual transmission system and have electric starters for safety and convenience. Look for these snowmobiles on eBay, where the large inventory offers plenty of options.