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About Arctic Cat Carburetor

Your snowmobile worked great last year all the way through to the end of the season, even with lots of use by everyone in the family, but now it seems to be misfiring when you test it. The bad news is that you probably need to look for a new Arctic Cat carburetor to get your snow machine working properly. Carburetors serve to mix air and fuel in order to send the right mixture to the engine. When that mixture has either too much air or too much fuel, the engine cannot run optimally. Each engine needs a slightly different carb, so an Arctic Cat 400 carburetor might work for one of your vehicles, while another needs the Arctic Cat 500 carburetor. If you put the wrong one in, then you have the same problems that you have with a failing carb, which just serves to strain the engine. No matter which Arctic Cat carburetor you need to get your snowmobile back in good working order, the vast inventory on eBay means that it is right within easy reach.

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