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About Arcoroc Bowls

You are hosting the most important dinner party of your life, so everything has to be perfect. You have thoughtfully created a menu, but you know that the only thing worthy of holding your special strawberry mousse for dessert is an Arcoroc bowl. You want one that will bring elegance to the table without becoming a distraction. Also, it should allow the dessert to be viewed from any angle. An Arcoroc clear glass bowl will let the pink, fluffy mousse be the main attraction, but when that tasty goodness is gone, guests will certainly notice the lovely detail of the bowl it was in. Arcoroc manufactures functional, durable, and stylish dinnerware. These products are popular with fine dining restaurants and caterers. If you are searching for an Arcoroc bowl to add the finishing touch to your dinner table, you are sure to find what you are looking for on eBay. A generous number of reliable sellers offer new and used ones in a variety of styles and colors. Most are clear, and feature some type of scalloped or floral pattern. However, there are also some colored ones available. You can even find a collection of Arcoroc fleur bowls on eBay, which are ideal to serve salad, soup, or a medley of berries to your guests.