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About Archos 9

Everyone is jumping on the tablet bandwagon, and now it is your turn. The amount of brands and models may dampen your excitement and leave you wanting to pull out your hair and, but an option like the Archos 9 stands out. It has a large 9-inch screen, a thin construction, and a large storage capacity. Just imagine being able to listen to your music in the park while you chat with Facebook friends. It comes equipped with Windows 8, and the 1080p resolution that renders HD movies beautifully. You can store plenty of music and videos as well as download many apps onto the 60 GB of storage the Archos 9 tablet boasts. Find it on eBay as well as accessories like a case to protect the precious device or a Bluetooth keyboard if you prefer physical buttons to type on. A keyboard makes e-mailing and chat conversations much easier. Take your digital adaptation to the next level with a new or used tablet.