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  • Mathews Z7

    Mathews Z7

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    Bow is in good condition. Shoots phenomenal. 28.5 inch draw length. 55lbs - 65lb limbs. New string and new limbs. Comes with Trophy Ridge 5-pin sight and Cobra 5 inch stabilizer, Mathews Down Force re...
  • mathews avail bow

    mathews avail bow

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    This bow was rigged once never fired.
  • Mathews Stoke Bow

    Mathews Stoke Bow

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    • 15 watching
    Never been rigged.
  • 2018 Mathews Z3 Lost Camo XD Compound Bow! RH 29

    2018 Mathews Z3 Lost Camo XD Compound Bow! RH 29" 60-70lb. z-3 archery hunting

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    Lost Camo. Bow is in mint condition. Truly like new! Draw Length: 29". NO RESERVE!
  • Mathews Chill R

    Mathews Chill R

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    This bow is set up at 27" / 70lbs. This bow is used but in great shape showing normal signs of wear.

About Archers

A mix of hand eye coordination and strength, this activity dates back thousands of years before human beings even began documenting history, as it was a requirement for hunting and self-defense. To this day, archery is used for game hunting and recreational purposes. Find the equipment you need to hit your target on eBay in used or new condition from reliable sellers. To develop your skill, you need a practice target, and those come in an assortment of types, like blocks with different target points and even fake deer. The three essential parts of archery are a bow, arrows, and a quiver, which can be bought separately. Find a composite or long bow that can be in the compound or classic style. An assortment of arrows and broadheads are also available in a variety of weights, grains, material, blades, and fits. Don’t forget the quiver for transporting your arrows, which has the added bonus of making you look awesome. Whether you are trying to catch dinner, mount a prizewinning moose head on your wall, or nail that bull’s-eye, archery can be a rewarding outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy.