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About Arbogast

Fred Arbogast has an angler's past. The creator of the Arbogast lure, he built these lures by hand early on. A hobby at first, these lures grew into a passion and a business. Today, the Arbogast lures are some of the best on the market. Cast lures, wood lures, and even plastic lures now fill the Arbogast line and feature details and intricacies that few others offer. Realistic patterns on the lure bodies combined with genuine size reproduction of minnows and jitterbugs make these lures lifelike. Multi-hook designs snag fish and do not allow them to pull free, while the large line loop allows strong line ties to prevent breakage when reeling that fish in. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a wide range of Arbogast lures, including the Arbogast Musky Jitterbug and the Hula. You can even find the Arbogast Hawaiian Wiggler and the Sputterbuzz. It is a fishing lover’s dream to own this many lures, and the choice is yours. Better fishing is on the way.