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About Arai XD

Being a keen motorcyclist, you have had a few nasty crashes in your time, and know the importance of a good quality helmet. An Arai XD helmet features Arai's advanced, critically acclaimed, XD design that combines street helmet safety with dirt-bike style. The term XD is an acronym and stands for "Crossover Design," as the helmet is suitable for many different riding styles. Visually, the helmet has more in common with a motocross helmet, but it has a full-face shield like a street helmet. If you have recently damaged the visor, you can repair your helmet and save some cash by purchasing an Arai XD shield and fitting it yourself. If you want to pick up a new helmet, you can buy an Arai XD3 with a new redesigned peak, improved ventilation, and an emergency cheek-pad release. Whether you are looking for a new or used Arai XD helmet, helmet accessories, or changeable helmet parts, you can find everything you need from the trusted sellers on eBay. With a huge inventory and several convenient shipping options, you can browse a larger range than any regular store can offer, and have everything sent right to your door.