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About Arai RX-7

The street racer in you likes things sleek and fast, just like the wind itself as it rushes over you. A men's street helmet as stylish and well-engineered as the ultimate street bike, the Arai RX-7 features a relaxed, oval fit and a Delta 3 intake scoop that enhances airflow to keep you cool and relaxed in any conditions. An integrated neck roll at the base of the helmet curves up for a comfortable fit and natural look, while also reducing turbulence on a ride. The Structural Net Composite construction in the shell of this helmet uses a reinforcing net in between the laminate construction layers of the shell to increase the helmet's resistance and durability. The size and style of the cheek pads and head liner on the Arai RX-7 are an exact replica of previous classics, such as the Arai RX-7 RR4, making it a familiar beast for the Arai fan. Find an array of sizes, including an Arai RX-7 medium helmet or XL option, by shopping the vast inventory on eBay.