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About Arab Scarves

Today's cosmopolitan world is a rich and intoxicating blend of cultures, food, fashion, and symbols. One prime example is the incredible inventory of Arab scarves on eBay. In years past, these intricate and brightly patterned clothing pieces would be unavailable to a Westerner, no matter what his or her heritage might be. However, in modern times, people have access to the desert styles of the Middle East. Many Arab scarves are decorated with beautiful and intricate patterns, the likes of which are rarely seen in European clothing. Rich and often dark colors are featured on many scarves, with deep greens, greys, and blacks playing a major role. Some scarves, though colorful, are simple in their combinations, featuring various colors alternating with black. Men's Arab scarves also include a wide palette, some with red, gold, and white interlacing in subtle gradations. Black Arab scarves, while simple, are very common, and often reveal patterns upon closer inspection. Arab scarves are extremely useful in warm weather as blocks from the sun, and when wet, they can keep the wearer cool.