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About Aquaman

Half man, half fish, Aquaman exists between two worlds. In his most widely acknowledged origin story, his mother was Atlanna, a banished Atlantean princess, and his father was Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper. Until his mother’s death, neither Tom nor Arthur, as he was named, had any reason to suspect that he was anything other than human (though when Arthur was discovered playing underwater without coming up for air at the age of 2, they might have had reason to suspect). It's not until after Tom’s death that Arthur sets out to discover his non-landwalker heritage—and becomes ruler of Atlantis. Throughout the comics, Aquaman reveals his ability to communicate with all sea life, initially only with close life-forms, but eventually telepathically across great distances. He's often accompanied by his wife, Mera, and Aqualad. Show your support for the King of Atlantis with T-shirts, posters, figures, and more, all available new and pre-owned on eBay. With your new gear, you're sure to make a splash.

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