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Aquabot introduced the world’s first robotic pool cleaner way back in 1982 with the sole mission of making customers’ pool experience more enjoyable. Why get an Aquabot? It gets your pool cleaner than a suction side or pressure pool cleaner, so you reduce the amount of chemicals in the water. It can filter up to 85 gallons per minute at incredibly fine filtration levels—as small as two microns. It can be as much as 93 percent more energy efficient than other types of pool cleaner. And best of all, you don’t have to toil and sweat—the Aquabot does all the work for you. Check out the vast inventory of Aquabots listed on eBay.

About Aquabot

Your pool is a place of relaxation and play—the downside is that pools require a lot of expensive cleaning and maintenance, not to mention the consequences when something goes wrong with your pool. The Aquabot helps you keep your pool clean and safe so that you don't have to worry about hygiene, expensive cleaning bills, or what effect the cleaning chemicals will have on your health. The Aquabot walks along the bottom of the pool, spreading the cleaning chemicals more evenly than would otherwise be possible. At the same time, the superb filter catches incredibly small particles—even the smallest algae won't escape. This means you'll need less chemical cleaner, so it won't be drifting around in clouds. eBay's reliable sellers offer a range of different models that cater to different types of pool, from vinyl above-ground pools to huge tile affairs sunken into your backyard. For the latter, one of the Aquabot Turbo models present the ideal solution, while the modest backyard pool finds a stalwart friend in the trusty Classic. If you need replacement Aquabot parts, you'll find those here too, from filters bags to drive belts. Aquabot: it keeps your pool clean and you untroubled.