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About Apple TV 2

You like to spend a chunk of the afternoon binge-watching "The Sopranos" for the 17th time, although when family comes over for dinner, you navigate your Apple TV 2 with a few quick clicks into an HD slideshow of photos from your most recent vacation. The Apple TV is a compact and silent addition to any sleek, tidy entertainment center, packed with features in a box just 4 inches wide. The vast inventory on eBay includes plenty of great deals including on an Apple TV 2, depending on which Apple TV style you are looking for. Plug the device into a power source, connect it to your HDTV, and a dazzling world of high-definition entertainment is within a click or two of the smooth seven-button aluminum remote control. You can also download the Remote app and control the TV with your iPhone or tablet. Install XBMC on an Apple TV for an extended universe of games, movies, TV channels, and networking. Browse the Web and connect to social media, all while consuming very little power.