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About Apple TV

A rat's nest of tangled cords waits behind every television, eager to pull you in like the tentacles of some hungry marine beast. With an Apple TV, you can saw through the whole bunch and toss them out with the trash because it does everything you need. A first-generation Apple TV gives you single-remote access to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many other viewing and streaming services with just a sleek palm-sized box connected to your television by a single HDMI cable. This streamlining makes your whole living room much less cluttered and confused and removes the need for most hookups and gewgaws. A second-generation Apple TV provides access to even more streaming services and is served by regular Apple updates to improve its capabilities and to keep the interface running as smoothly and naturally as it can. You can surf Netflix right off of your television without having to go through the hassle of hooking up anything. You can find an Apple TV through the vast inventory of electronics and electronic peripherals on eBay.