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About Apothecary Jars

With all your candies, seashells, beads, marbles, and other collectibles proudly displayed in clear glass containers, you finally feel as though your home's design is complete. An apothecary jar provides a container and display case in one, allowing you to stay organized without hiding away your favorite things in drawers or cabinets. Modern apothecary jars often recall their antique ancestors, though it is still possible to find vintage specimens in the vast inventory offered by sellers on eBay. Many of them are made of clear glass, but others feature tinted glass in greens, browns, and yellows. An apothecary jar with an antique label brings a sense of history to your home decor, while frosted jars lend some mystery to their contents. Groups of jars in different shapes and sizes make attractive vignettes for tables, countertops, and windowsills, while single jars create a focal point when filled with collections of trinkets. For function as well as form, use them to hold bath soaps or beads in the bathroom or to corral gift-wrapping ribbons and bows. Ditch the clutter and bring class into your home with new or antique apothecary jars.

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