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About Apogee

Great musicians need great recording tools and the reliable sellers of eBay offer some of the best on the market. For the musician who needs everything except for a giant studio space, eBay has many FireWire Apogee tools for Mac, iPhone, or iPad use. Pro level AD/DA converters and a system that can output at 75 decibels brings award-winning sound to any audio maker. Seriously, Oscar, and Grammy winning productions use the Apogee duet and ensemble to create professional works of art. The Apogee Duet prides itself on ultra portability and quick plug and play styling. Eight AD/DA I/O channels along with two S/PDIF channels make the Apogee Ensemble possibly the best friend a musician can have in his or her arsenal of audio tools. The only thing Apogee can't bring to the table is the talent itself. No need for a huge studio setup, just build your own mini studio with Apogee products and let them capture every ounce of your talent.

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