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About Apatite

Apatite crystals are essentially groups of phosphate minerals. While the primary use of this substance is in fertilizer manufacturing, its use for making jewelry is not uncommon. Transparent stones are faceted and chatoyant stones go through a special cutting process. You can also find apatite in green, blue, citrine, and yellow. In some instances, play of light can result in a cat’s-eye effect. A number of reliable sellers on eBay deal in new and used jewelry made using apatite, some of which include apatite rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces. This jewelry typically contains silver and you can find apatite alongside stones, like topaz, opals, and turquoise. When you want to make your own jewelry, you can find apatite beads and crystals. Beads typically sell as part of strings, and the size of beads and the length of stings can vary from one order to the next. You can also find apatite in its rough form. Buy apatite jewelry or make some on your own; in either case, prepare to amaze.