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About Antique Wagons

Sometimes you are overcome with nostalgic for your childhood and wonder whatever happened to that old antique wagon your brother used to pull you around in. Then when you got older, it was an irresistible temptation to flip that black handle back into the wagon bed and coast down the hill with no brakes. The Radio Flyer Wagon has been an American institution since Antonio Pasin starting building a toy wood wagon line in 1917 in Chicago. Pasin’s use of stamped steel and assembly line techniques earned him the nickname "Little Ford." You can find a vintage Radio Flyer in good condition on eBay, or, if you prefer, an enormous selection of antique wagon cast iron miniatures of old-time milk wagons, fire-fighting ladder wagons, or Conestoga wagons. What’s more, not only can you even get a genuine antique wagon wheel—a great fun way to decorate the exterior of your home in a rustic ranch theme—you can get the whole wagon. Own a piece of history or a piece of your childhood with an antique or vintage wagon.