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About Antique Vases

Great for housing plants or solely for decorative purposes, an antique vase adds a vintage feel to any decor. On eBay, you can find a wide range of types and sizes in used, new, or antique condition from reliable sellers. A glass vase can be transparent with sumptuous designs, translucent in a wide variety of colors, and opaque with subtle coloring or artistic renderings. Oriental designs are available in Chinese and Japanese vases with culturally significant depictions and scenic landscapes. Small and large options mean you can find an item that fits any space. Pottery versions can come in incredibly extensive forms, some forming whole bouquets of flowers, while others are very wide at the bottom and become progressively narrow towards the top. From one side of the earth to the other, an antique vase is a useful and high-class piece of décor that is sure to make a statement.