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About Antique Telephone

Nothing adds nostalgic charm to a kitchen like an antique telephone hanging on the wall. An antique telephone is a conversation piece, and many young people find it hard to believe that this was the old way of communication. In order to use the phone, instead of speaking a name into the phone or pushing a button, you picked up the earpiece and spoke into the mouthpiece and told the operator to whom you needed to speak. The telephones generally hang on the wall, and you cannot move about as you talk. Two large bells clanked together to let you know you have an incoming call. Antique candlestick telephones set on a table, and feature a rotary dial, and an earpiece that hangs on the side of the phone. The mouthpiece, an open flare shape piece, sits atop the phone, and you speak into it. Many antique candlestick telephones are fully functional today. Antique wooden telephones have a rotary dial and a decorative earpiece that hangs on the side of the phone. A small wooden box rests beneath the rotary dial that open up and holds pencil and paper. You can find a vast inventory of antique telephones on eBay.