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About Antique Stoves

Practical and pretty, an antique stove blends form and function to create warm spaces and delicious homemade treats without raising the electric bill. The huge inventory of antique cast iron stoves on eBay makes it simple to pick the perfect heating stove to add some rustic chic to your den, kitchen, or living room. Stoves standing as large as 60 inches in height and functioning on inexpensive fuels such as wood or gas make unique and useful additions to any decor. An antique wood burning stove with an ornate cast iron door and adorable claw feet radiates enough warmth to keep anyone cozy. Nickel-plated vent covers add a bit of modern flair to an antique parlor stove, and a wood burning cook stove gives you those much-needed extra cooktops for the busy holiday dinners. Porcelain surfaces and heavy cast iron bodies make these stoves a permanent part of any vintage kitchen decor with very little maintenance required. An antique stove offers reliable heat along with a conversation-starting presence wherever you place it in your home.