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About Antique Statues

Weathered patina covers the surface of the antique statue, turning the upturned face green with oxidization as the horse rears, hooves rising high above the heavy base. The classic poses found in antique bronze statues reflect the mores of the era, from the famous Roman bronze "Boy with Thorn," to the traditional soldier on a rearing horse, to the stern visages of mythological gods. While bronze is preferred when creating large outdoor statues of heroes and animals, antique religious statues kept indoors in personal shrines or churches consist of a variety of substances, including plaster, chalkware, marble, and wood. Large or small, bronze or plaster, antique statue collectors can search listings on eBay for new additions to their collections. The carefully documented details and sharp images provided by reliable sellers ensure that collectors find the statues that fulfill their aesthetic tastes, whether searching for Greek or Roman classics, a patron saint, or a 19th century bronze American bison.