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About Antique Signs

An antique advertising sign or two hung in a room is enough to add a vintage feel to any décor. For kitchens, antique signs featuring coffee, beverage, or food images, like "Farm Fresh Eggs, 60 cents", add rustic charm, while hanging alcoholic beverage signs from eBay are great for completing your very own man cave. Humorous signs are great for teenagers’ rooms because they look stylish without appearing uncool; for instance, a wooden "Dogs Welcome, People Tolerated" sign in navy blue with white border looks classy while looking cool (unlike those ratty magazine posters hung on the wall). For collectors of typography and design, signs come made from a variety of materials including wood, tin, and porcelain. Pocelain signs are the most expensive sign to acquire, but they are also the most durable and feature some of the world’s most iconic images such as the embossed Shell Motor Oil gas pump sign. Display vintage signs as a retro design collection or as home decorations, but do not hang an "Everything Must Go" sign anywhere near your front door.